Meet The Team

Steering Committee

Richard Baker, Chair
Matt Mecum, Vice Chair
Mark Anttila, Secretary
Nel Lazour
Dennis Goguen
Chris Miczek
Jessica Rubinow 
Arielle Strzelewicz

Jeff Walsh
Bill Filsinger
James Spencer
Dave Cole 

Van Baker
Nancy Filgate

Consultant Team



Principal Planner

Economic Development Specialist

Emily Headshot.jpg


Associate Planner

Housing Production Plan Lead, Assistant Facilitator



Assistant Planner

Land Use and Zoning Specialist



Principal Planner

Project Lead, Meeting Facilitator

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Founded by the Legislature in 1963, CMRPC provides a variety of services to its constituencies and brings a regional perspective to planning and development. One of 13 Regional Planning Agencies in Massachusetts, CMRPC serves the City of Worcester and 39 surrounding communities in the southern two-thirds of Worcester County. CMRPC’s programs include Transportation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Regional Collaboration and Community Planning.

Historically, CMRPC was comprised of two departments: Transportation and Land Use Planning. Transportation assists with multi-modal mobility of people and goods.


Today, CMRPC includes robust GIS, Homeland Security, and Regional Services programs. For more than 15 years, CMRPC has provided comprehensive GIS services to its member communities and the region. The Homeland Security program developed as CMRPC received fiduciary support and leadership endorsement by the Central Region Homeland Security Advisory Council. Finally, Regional Services enolved in response to municipal fiscal constraints. CMRPC's staff continually searches for ways that its Member Commmunities can increase services while reducing costs.