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Boylston Master Plan

Roadmap for our future

We are pleased to share initial drafts of the Boylston Master Plan chapters.
The chapters are now open for public review and comment. Comments and suggestions can be sent to

Review the Drafts of the Master Plan Chapters!

Thank you to all residents who took the time to complete the second Master Plan survey!

This survey asked the community to read the draft Vision Statement and Goals for each of the chapters and provide feedback. Your participation has helped shape the future of Boylston!

Click the link below to view results of the survey: 


Results of the second survey now available!

As a component of the Master Plan process, a Housing Production Plan was developed to determine the most appropriate paths for creating more affordable and diverse housing options in Boylston. Currently, only 1.5% of Boylston's housing stock qualifies as "affordable", which is well-below the State's 10% mandate under M.G.L. Chapter 40B. The Housing Production Plan will be in effect through June 2026. 

The Housing Production Plan has been approved by DHCD!

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     Master Plan Q&A    


What is a Master Plan?

A future vision and policy guide for the Town

A comprehensive analysis of all aspects of community development

Long-range (Typically varies from 5 to 15 years)


Why should I participate?

YOUR VISION of Boylston will be heard and integrated into the Master Plan. We will be reaching out to the community using surveys and public workshops to gather input.


How will a Master Plan help Boylston?

A Master Plan helps a community...

  • Manage growth and change

  • Provide for orderly and predictable development

  • Protect environmental resources

  • Set priorities for developing and maintaining infrastructure and public facilities

  • Strengthen local identity

  • Create a framework for future policy decisions

  • Promote open, democratic planning

  • Provide guidance to landowners, developers, and permitting authorities


How can I stay connected?

Subscribe above with your email or follow the Boylston Master Plan Steering Committee Facebook page!

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