Boylston Master Plan

Roadmap for our future

The Visioning Workshop on March 24 and the Housing Workshop on April 8 were both successful events with fantastic turnout and input from residents. The Master Plan and Housing Production Plan cannot be created without insight from the community so we thank you for your commitment to the future of Boylston! 

You can view the recordings and presentation materials of both workshops on the Blog.

Thanks to all who have attended the recent workshops! 

No upcoming events at the moment
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     Master Plan Q&A      


What is a Master Plan?

A future vision and policy guide for the Town.

A comprehensive analysis of all aspects of community development.

Long-range (Typically varies from 5 to 15 years.)


Why should I take the survey?

YOUR VISION of Boylston will be heard and integrated into the Master Plan.


How will a Master Plan help Boylston?

Manage growth and change.

Provide for orderly and predictable development.

Protect environmental resources.

Set priorities for developing and maintaining infrastructure and public facilities.

Strengthen local identity.

Create a framework for future policy decisions.

Promote open, democratic planning.

Provide guidance to landowners, developers, and permitting authorities.


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